Friday, May 02, 2008

Unplugged in El Tigre

Desire. What an ambiguous word!

Despite its various meanings, many of us share the desire to slow down during the weekends so we can spend more time with our family and friends, and travel to a world without deadlines and worries, like El Tigre, only 33 km away from Ciudad de Buenos Aires.

This place over Parana River, is a labyrinth of canals and islands, ideal to escape from the boisterous capital.

According to “The Delta of Paraná is the world's fifth biggest delta, it begins in the port of Diamante (close to Parque Nacional Pre-Delta ) and continues towards the southeast up to Río de la Plata, so it is the only one that flows into sweet water.”

Once you reach El Tigre, you can select among hundreds of options to entertain yourself.

Those who enjoy shopping can visit Puerto de Frutos del Tigre, and get lost among a rustic world where you can buy wickerwork and wooden furniture, a wide diversity of handmade adornments for the home, hammocks, and paintings, among other things.

Adventurous people and lovers of aquatic sports may want to hop on a canoe or a kayak for an excursion along the river, practice rowing, water sky or wakeboard, for example.

Those interested in nature, may want to explore the interesting flora of the place, totally different from the one found in Buenos Aires, or enjoy bird watching.

While those interested in resting or having a romantic outing, may want to take a boat along the river or spend the day in one of the "recreos" of Delta.

Whatever you choose to do, El Tigre is a great option to unplug yourself from Buenos Aires.

Attractions according to

Estación Fluvial Tigre: (Mitre 305) Located on Tigre River, a short distance from Lujan River.
El Museo Casa de Domingo F. Sarmiento- Monumento Histórico Nacional:(Over Río Sarmiento and arroyo Reyes) A small wooden construction built in 1853 for Sarmiento. The house is protected by a glass structure that surrounds it.
Paseo Victorica:(Lavalle Street)
Museo Naval de la Nación: (Paseo Victorica 602) originally founded in 1892 at the Naval Center. In en 1948 it was relocated to the Marina de Tigre, where it is found today.
Ex-Tigre Club: (Paseo Victorica 972) Built in 1900 and inaugurated in 1912. In 1910 the country's first casino operated in the bottom floor; the casino was then transferred to Mar del Plata.
Parque de la Costa: (Calle Vivanco 1509) Amusement park inaugurated in 1997.
Casino Trilenium: (Calle Perú 1385)
Museo de la Prefectura: (Avenida Liniers 1264)
Museo de la Reconquista:(Calle Padre Castañeda 470)

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