Monday, March 24, 2008

What better partners to visit NASA?

Written by Laura Vaillard with Carlos Crespo (Quito, Ecuador / Houston, TX, EEUU)
Pictures by Laura Vaillard and Nuria Minces (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

What better partners to visit NASA in Houston, than a guy who always dreamt to become an astronaut and a young lady who is not afraid to act out the girl she carries within?

Even though NASA was not far from where we were living, rockets and astronauts never interested me enough to motivate me to visit the Space Center.

However, due to my never-ending curiosity and my interest to see new things, these two individuals convinced me to drive up to NASA with them.

I did not expect much from the trip. Yet, I came back fascinated after seeing astronauts live from the Space Center and comparing models of how astronauts lived in space in the 70s versus how they live now in the XXI century.

I returned excited like a little girl, after balancing myself of a string and weighing myself in different scales that showed how much I would weigh if I were to live in Mars or Jupiter, instead of Planet Earth.

I was overwhelmed after looking at the size of Saturn V, and amazed after looking at pictures of the different mission crews, including Apolo XI, Mercury and Gemini.

It was a wonderful experience and I am very glad my friends made sure I did not miss it.
This time, Houston, we had no problem.

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