Friday, May 02, 2008

Porteños Smoked in Buenos Aires

There is no article for this week because it was impossible to find a new corner of Buenos Aires to write about, since the entire city was playing hide and seek with the smoke.

Due to the burning of grass in an island close to Zarate, in the provice of Entre Rios, Argentina, and the lack of governmental action, the capital city and hundreds of other cities hid behind the smoke for over a week.

In the statue, one of the Argentinean heroes is raising his spade to proclaim victory, while in the picture, it appears that he is trying to cut through the thick smoke to liberate its people from this cloud that transforms porteños into smoked, red-eyed, taciturn zombies, tired of forcing their sight to see through the smoke.

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david santos said...

Belas imagenes.
Gracias por compartirlas con nosotras.