Friday, August 03, 2007

Escaping Concrete Monster in San Isidro, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Concrete Monster named Buenos Aires roars so loudly that it frequently irritates porteños, stealing away hours of sleep, tranquility and patience.

Many times, I travel more than four hours to Pinamar (beach area in thesouthern part of Buenos Aires Province) looking for peace; a way to escape this stressful Concrete Monster that excites and accelerates me at times, and consumes me without previous notice at other times.

This weekend, I discovered I don’t have to travel so far to shelter myself from these deafening sounds; I can simply take a 50 minute train ride, or 30 minute car ride to San Isidro (Buenos Aires) where I can scroll down the artisans’ fair, walk around the quiet cobblestone streets with low houses and admire the sunset from the riverside to harmonize my senses with this soothing silence.

Interesting Info:
Founded in 1784 by Domingo de Acasusso
Population: 45.190 inhabitants Recycling process: "Recycle and Help San Isidro", a campaign used to acquire resources for Hospital Materno Infantil de San Isidro.

For more information visit:

Tourist Information Office:
Ituzaingo 608 (Esq. Av. del Libertador)
Phone: 4512-3209 / 3262Fax: 4512-3262

How to get there:

  • Take bus “152” to Olivos, get down at the station of “Tren de la Costa”. Then take the train to station “San Isidro” (close to the Cathedral).

  • Take the subway to “Congreso” station, and then take bus “168” to San Isidro’s Cathedral.

  • Take train “Tigre” for Retiro Station and get down in the center of San Isidro.