Thursday, March 08, 2007

Traditional Skirts are the Protagonists of the Carnival of Penonome, Panama

Around this time, carnival celebrations take place around the world. A couple of weeks ago I uploaded pictures from the carnival at Veracruz, Mexico. This week I show you what carnival is like in Penonome, Panama, where people model their typical costumes.

This is how Maria Eugenia Grimaldo tells her story from Penonomé, Panama:

In the provinces of Panama, people celebrate “el día de las polleras” on Tuesday of Carnival. However, in Penonome, in the province of Cocle, “el día de las polleras” is celebrated on Sunday, the day I was princess.

That way I continued with a three-generation family tradition. My father’s grandmother was Queen of Penonome, my aunt Roxana (my father’s older sister) was also a princess at Domingo de Carnaval in 1982, and my mother was princess in 1994. Fort that reason, when the ladies from Damas Unidas Penonomeñas offered me to continue the tradition, I could not say no.

As you will see in these pictures, after the traditional “mojadera” that takes place in the morning in every town around the country during carnival, at night, in Penonome people parade through town with their traditional skits. From there, the group I took part of as princess organizes a typical dance called “Tambor.”

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