Monday, February 19, 2007

Pinamar, Weaves together the Pine Trees’ Aroma with the Sea Breeze

Very few places have such precise names as Pinamar, a coastal city surrounded by pine trees that weave together the smell of fresh resin and sea breeze, where visitors can enjoy the woods and the sea in the same place.

In the summer, the sun bathes the beaches and the city vibrates with tourists, while in the winter the leaves shiver with the cold wind and the waves enjoy themselves dancing the Waltz with the sand.

Without the summer’s heat and the young tourists, winter in Pinamar is not the typical beach-vocational place. However, Pinamar doesn’t loose its charm during the winter. In fact, it turns into a fabulous place to rest and regainthe energy you need to survive frantic Buenos Aires life.

When it’s time to return home, some people prefer to leave right after lunch to avoid the traffic at the entrance of Buenos Aires. Nevertheless, sometimes it is better to leave later so you can see how the sun blushes between violet clouds before it submerges into Laguna Chis-Chis until the next day.

A perfect closing for a tranquil weekend.

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