Monday, February 19, 2007

The Alternative Luggage - Traveling Tips

Five things we cannot forget when we travel:
  • Passport copy: Take a copy of your passport with you. It is a preventive measure that can be very useful in case you loose or someone steals your passport. In some countries, you can even use the photocopy as a form of identification so you don’t need to take your passport around. Ask what’s the case in the country you are visiting. Always keep the copy separate from the passport.
  • Bank: Make a notice to the bank that you will be traveling to a different country, since sometimes banks block your cards when they notice unusual movements as security measure. Call your bank and ask them to unblock your card in case that happens.
  • Emergency numbers + Medical Insurance Card: Take with you a list of local emergency phone numbers, along with the phones of friends and relatives back home (so someone can contact them in case of emergency).
  • Phone card: Buy a phone card that allows you to make local calls, national and international calls from any country. Or make sure your cell phone allows you to make and receive calls in the place you are visiting. In this website you can find different cards; choose the one that offers the best rate in the place you are visiting:
  • Emergency Kit: If you are backpacking, or traveling to a distant place it is advisable to take some Tylenol or aspirin (or a substitute if you are allergic), Pepto-Bismol, Mylanta or some other type of digestive or anti-acid, and some band aids. If you are traveling to a place where you don’t have access to drinking water, take some Chlorine pills to make water potable.

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