Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Pious Walk the Javieradas while we Drive

While pious walked for more than 40 kilometers to reach Saint Francis Xavier’s Church to celebrate mass, my friend and I drove to the church.

Even though it sounds bad, we did not mean to do it.

On Sunday, we got together at a friend’s house, picked up the map of Navarra, Spain, and some brochure with pictures of the area. After looking at them, we decided to drive to Saint Francis Xavier’s Castle and Leyre’s Monastery, without knowing the Javieradas (pious' anual walk to Saint Francis Xavier Church) were taking place that same day.

In Saint Xavier’s Castle, we visited the room that Saint Francis Xavier shared with Saint Ignacio of Loyola. We also looked through the window where the novices flamed their handkerchiefs to communicate with the gentlemen that walked through the parks.

In Sangüesa, the biggest town in the east of Navarra, we walked along the river and admired the wooden door of The Real Saint Mary’s Church, decorated with delicate, but complicated motives. However, we simply took a quick look at the impressive door since it was almost impossible to remain in that city longer: the strong odor that emanated from the industrial area was unbearable.

Finally, we enjoyed the magnificent sight from Leyre’s Monastery and enjoyed the Gregorian chorus.

It was a perfect trip to recharge our lungs with fresh mountain air, to fill our pupils with green prairies and snow covered hills, and to put a pause to a high speed weekend.

More pictures:
Saint Francis Xavier's Castle

View from Saint Francis Xavier's Castle

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