Thursday, December 14, 2006

The Challenge: Pepsi vs. Wines

In this occasion, I am not going to argue if Wine is better than Pepsi or vice versa. Although you have no idea how much these products have in common.

Surprisingly, the fabrication and bottling process of both products is very similar, even though its ingredients and end product are extremely different.

On one hand, to make Pepsi, chemists first prepare a thick syrup that they later use as the base for the product. On the other hand, to make wine, farmers place the grapes in a large distillation bin where it ferments with the skin that taints the wine with that maroon color. Afterwards, the wine is left aside to settle. When the skin begins to float and it can be removed.

On the second stage, the syrup used to make Pepsi is stored in large vacuumed barrels to allow the taste to concentrate. While the wine is kept in wooden barrels where they incorporate some of the taste of the wood. (In the case of the wine, the type of wood and the age of de barrel determine the taste that the wine will acquire).

At the end of both processes, the liquids are bottled, labeled, and packed in boxes my automatic machines that follow very similar processes. Different ingredients, similar fabrication processes. Different products, yet at the end of the day, wine and Pepsi are distributed to the outlets in almost identical cardboard boxes. Who would have thought it could be hard to distinguish a bottle of wine from a Pepsi?

Once at the store you would have to face the Challenge: Pepsi or Wine. Although, if you are living in Span you might pick up both to prepare the traditional calimocho, and take home both beverages with you.

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