Thursday, June 05, 2008

Italy: Solution for Pasta Mix-up

By Laura Vaillard

What does a university student and an Italian have in common?

They both place “pasta” in the center of their food pyramid. A student always has a pack of pasta on his/her shelf because it’s economical, and it’s a dish that easy to prepare. While Italians always have pasta on their shelves for cultural reasons.

In Italy, lunch in one of the most important meals of the day: they have a pasta dish as an appetizer, meat with a side of vegetables as the main dish, and sweets and fruit for dessert.
Since pasta is present in every Italian lunch, they invented an infinite number of pasta types to camouflage idea of eating the same thing ever day.

However, this excess of creativity tends to cause problems when we go to an Italian restaurant. What is the difference between rigatoni and fusilli again?

Here are some pictures to help you out next time you visit a trattoria:


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