Thursday, February 21, 2008

Love me like I want you to Love me: San Valentine's Day

“If they don’t love you as you want them to love you, it doesn’t mean they do not love you with all they’ve got.” Popular saying.

Sometimes we wish that our partner was more romantic, that he/she would send us flowers, leave us little presents or simply leave us a note wishing us a “Good day!”

And this wish tends to intensify itself during San Valentine’s Day, the day where we are supposed to celebrate love.

But, how do I materialize a feeling? What can I do to astonish the person I love? Do we really need to celebrate it?

Here are some stories of people who have celebrated it, and some experiences of those who decided it was better not to celebrate.

This is how they celebrated:

The most romantic present is to create time to share together (and if it includes a trip, that’s even better!). My fiancé and I love to go to a place about an hour and a half from Boca Raton, FL called Naples, where we stay at the Ritz Carlton and since the moment we arrive we forget about any type of stress. It is a place where the plan is to lay on the beach all day with excellent attention (there are bungalows at the beach, and you drink mojitos and piña colada all day long), sunset falls on the sea and it is amazing, and the city is very pretty to go out for a walk or go out to eat.” Annabella (Boca Ratón, FL, EEUU / Caracas, Venezuela).

“I remember two years ago, I arrived from work and found Bernie at my place: he had lighted candles all over the house and he was cooking for me! He really showed himself off: spaghetti with prawns and everything! Isabel (Cuidad de Panamá, Panamá).

“When John and I dated in college, we celebrated our first valentine's day very low key because we spent a lot of money on a ski trip in January. I asked John to pick me up at my dorm room and to be hungry. ;) When he picked me up he gave me a rose with a card. Inside the card there was a Starbuck's gift card. He knew how much I loved it. He used to always surprise me at the reading room with a caramel latte. Then he handed me my favorite chocolate in the whole world, Ferro Rocher. So, I got a bag ready and when we got in the car I told him to take me to his place cuz I was going to cook for him an authentic Puerto Rican dinner. I was so nervous. Not only was this the first time I was cooking for my boyfriend, it was the first time I was cooking Puerto Rican food by myself. I made him arroz con habichuelas rojas y bistec encebollado. So I served him a plate and for like the longest five minutes of my life, he didn't say a word. Until finally he said, "wow baby, I'm gonna get seconds" lol It made my night. For dessert I got him his favorite ice cream, mint chocolate chip. That night we stayed up talking and when we looked out the window it began to snow. It was a perfect ending to our date. The TCU campus was gorgeous. I know it’s not a glamorous story but it's my favorite valentine's day ever. Simple but thoughtful.” Karlene (Washington DC, EEUU / San Juan, Puerto Rico).

“I have a friend who once did a treasure hung. In the morning she prepared breakfast for him, and in the afternoon she was not with him, instead, she would leave him clues where he could find the next clue. Each place had a special significance for them (favorite restaurant, place where they met, the house of the friends that introduced them). There was a clue and a present in each place. At the end she was waiting for him at the house as she cooked dinner and a present.” Annabella (Boca Ratón, FL, EEUU/ Caracas, Venezuela).

If there's one thing I've learned about relationships and being romantic is this: sometimes the simpler the more satisfying. Chris and I have lived so far away from each other most of our relationship that to be honest we never made a big deal about valentines day or anything like that. Last year was our first year together and i think he forgot it was valentines days. I bought him a cheesy heart balloon and he made a nice spaghetti dinner, we drank some wine and we watched a movie. Sometimes simple is better...” Alexa (California, EEUU / Brasil)

And for those who do not really relieve in San Valentine’s Day, I have a store for you:

“Last year, I assumed Chelsea was not going to mind if I did not buy her a Valentine’s present, but of course, it ended up being one of the most stupid decisions and a clear boundary of my understanding of women. I had to go out at 9 p.m. to buy her a pair of earrings that ended up being really expensive. Another bad story, but anyhow, it shows how ridiculous some of us can be if we think San Valentine’s Day is not important enough to celebrate.” Arturo (Ciudad de Guatemala, Guatemala)

Wish you had a great San Valentine’s day! How did you celebrate it this year?

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