Monday, September 03, 2007

Vida Surrealista’s Picture of the Year: Live Tango - Yan Carrière-Swallow

Couple dancing at Plaza de Mayo, Buenos Aires, Argentina by Yan Carrière-Swallow

Tango had fallen asleep for many years in Buenos Aires; Argentineans seemed to have gotten tired of its music, and they had stopped listening and dancing to it.

However, in the last couple of year many young people have become interested in this sensual dance once again; they have begun to take classes, allowing themselves to feel and revive it.

During the weekend, tango couples dance in the most touristy places in town to share the dance with those who come to visit Buenos Aires.

Thanks to these dancers, tango is heard and admired in the streets of Buenos Aires once again, while tourists take pictures to capture a memory, a feeling; although most of the time they are unable to capture the essence of the dance.

Nevertheless, Yan Carrière-Swallow was able to capture the sensuality, erotism, love, rejection, melancholy and longing that is transmitted through the each tango move, each tango song.

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