Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Buenos Aires' Planetarium, A Microphone out of Tune

Even though it is shaped like a microphone, it has been the Argentinean eye to the universe for the past 40 years (1967-2007).

The "Planetario de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires Galileo Galilei", with it sample and beautiful park, stage to thousand of open-air concerts, it is a nice place to spend weekend afternoons with family and friends.

I emphasize on the park because I found the show inside the Planetariumun unsatisfactory. Even though there has been important scientific and technological changes since I visited the place more than fourteen years ago, I though presentation "Birth and Death of the Sun" lacked depth andinteresting information.

I think, that if we want to continue to stimulate our culture it would be necessary to balance and tune in our microphones a little better.

How to get there:

Planetario de La Ciudad de Buenos Aires Galileo Galilei

Av. Sarmiento and Figueroa Alcorta


Show: Birth and Death of the Sun (Nacimiento y Muerte del Sol)

Tuesday and Friday: 13 y 17 hs.

Weekend: 17, 18 y 19 hs.

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