Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Imagine Buenos Aires Without Buses

Picture by Carlos Rodríguez: Colectivo en el estado Guarico, Venezuela, Hacienda de las Maravillas

Since I moved to Buenos Aires about nine months ago, I feel that my life takes place on a bus. I spend close to three hours of my daily life on abus going to and coming from work, traveling to visit my friends, go out todinner, go to my tango lessons, etc.

As it is common when you spend tooooooo much time with something, I have developed a love-hate relationship with box on wheels.

On one side it is convenient, I can take it anytime and anywhere to gowhenever I want, and I do not get stressed driving around Buenos Aires crowded streets. Yet, on the other side, I have to condense myself next to hundreds of passengers during rush hour, I have to go around asking for coins to be able to travel, and during winter, my hands freeze as I wait for the bus.

However, I cannot imagine living in Buenos Aires without buses. For that reason I have attached this picture that Carlos Rodriguez sent to me of an abandoned bus in Venezuela. When I first looked at it I felt sad.

How would my life be in this city if it ceases to take place on a bus?


Summer said...

Buenos Aires has so many things to offer that at first, you will not even know how to start. Well, I would begin with the zoo, the museums in Recoleta, have lunch at those beautiful restaurants in Puerto Madero with the sight of the river, also the Obelisco and some shopping in the well-known stores in Palermo Viejo (fashion neighborhood)
Last year I rented an apartment in buenos aires and I felt as if 2 weeks were not enough for this city. I will go back!

Priss said...

The Bus you had attached isn't abandoned. Is for tours in the Hacienda. They take you to visit and see the caimans on the lakes. I know because I had live there many years ago. I love it!

Priss said...

The bus that you attached isn;t abandoned. Is for tours inside the Hacienda. Is a beautiful place, very dry and hot, with a beautiful colors, wild animals, delicious food like the cachapa, and the music and the instruments. Very special place to visit and desconnect!!!