Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Bees, Birds and Butterflies Inspired Catalano to Create the Giant Flower in Buenos Aires, Argentina

I am generally not captivated by flowers. However, the architect Eduardo Catalano and his Floralis Generica, a giant stainless steel, 21-meter high and 18-ton flower, programmed to open its petals in the morning with the first rays on sunlight and to close them at night with the arrival of the moon.

The flower “is a synthesis of all flowers and it is also a hope that revives each day as it opens, “ said Catalano once.

Today, those who observe the piece planted in the United Nations's Park next to the Universidad de Buenos Aires, see a generic flower like the one bees, birds and butterflies see when they look for pollen.

Since it is so generic and unique at the same time, Floralis Genérica seduces the spectator with originality.

The “Giant Flower”, as Argentineans have come to call it, is an incredible architectural project; a grand architectonical challenge; a piece of artthat has changed the sight of Figueroa Alcorta Avenue of Buenos Aires for ever.

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