Thursday, February 08, 2007

Singapore: Any woman’s Paradise

Last December I lived every woman’s dream: I traveled to Singapore, a place with unlimited shopping malls where you can spend hours strolling down aisles window shopping, and buying clothes.

While many women would have felt in paradise in that situation, I was the protagonist of my worst nightmare: everywhere I looked I could only see shopping malls, and more shopping malls.

As usual, I wanted to escape the touristy area and find a place where I could interact with locals, ask them about their culture and their country’s traditions. However, in this city-country-island in the South of Asia,and the South of the Malay Peninsula, it was practically impossible to escape this labyrinth of shops and bag carrying people.

I think Singapore probably has an area that is shopping mall free. Yet, considering in 1997 the city already had 19.800 clothing stores, I am not surprised I was unable to find it.

After fighting crowded streets for hours, my brother, my mother and I decided to take a Boat Quay down Singapore River to escape touristy conglomerations: we sailed down the Riverside, observed the English style houses built along the river and noticed a great number of skyscrapers. From the boat we could se that this island-city-country was very modern and cosmopolitan.

Surfing through Singapore’s official website after my trip I discovered there are various cultural tourist attractions that I was unaware of when I visited the country.

Visit the site, so you don’t miss them when it’s your turn to go there:

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