Friday, February 16, 2007

It’s time I talk about my city: Buenos Aires, Argentina

After spending half of my life living outside of Argentina, I decided to return to rediscover Buenos Aires, a complex, dynamic, and energic city that is always undergoing change.

I am excited I will be able to undust some memories while I hear the dry sound of my hills on San Telmos’ cobblestone streets, visit the areas of town that have been redesigned like Palermo SOHO and Palermo Hollywood, and taste the sweetness of dulce de leche.

At the same time, I am also nervous because I am vulnerable to the anguish that overtakes you when you discover places you used to like have deteriorated with time.

Little by little, while I am here, I will talk about different parts of my city, different traditions, ways of transportation or anything I can think about.

I am a citizen of the world. But I am also Argentinean. For that reason I invited you to embark yourself on this trip through my native land.

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