Friday, February 09, 2007

Art Bazaars versus Pirate-art at Bali, Indonesia

After the performance, we stopped by different art bazaars. First, we stopped by a workshop where we could see people weaving drink coasters, handbags, diverse basquets, nad other cfats with admirable neatness, clearly superior to the similar articles we had seen in the city center the previous day.

Afterwards, we stopped by a wood-carving workshop where we were also able to observe the artists at work. It was fascinating to watch how the artists used their feet to hold the wood in place as they carved them. Here, you could see the difference between the pieces that were carved by experienced teachers, and the ones made by apprentices. The store owner’s also noted the difference in the pieces placing a higher tag on those carved by the masters.

At last, we visited a painting studio where they sold original pirated pieces: Photocopies of original work covered with thick colored oleos, mechanically painted by small children with heavy eyes and taciturn looks. The place was luminous, and the salesmen were polite, but the misty looks of the young artists darkened the place.

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