Monday, January 15, 2007

Spain and France: Borderless Countries

There were no barriers, police officers, or immigration offices that indicated we had changed countries. We realized we were no longer in Spain when we noticed the street signs were now written in French.

After driving for several hours, we arrived at "Saint-Jean-de-Luz", a beautiful coastal town of the of the Pyrénées-Atlantiques département, France, situated between Biarritz and Hendaya.

Despite the closeness to Spain, it was evident that we were in a different country. The rock houses with small windows had been replaced with petite white houses. The dark, narrow and rustic Spanish bars had been replaced by small lighted restaurants and creperies with terraces.

Everything was calm. Everything was joyful. Nothing could ruin the moment or erase the city’s enchantment. Not even the thin drizzle that welcomed us to the city.

After walking through the little cobblestone-streets lighted with the dim street lanterns'light, we were captivated by the aroma of home made bread of “The Creperie”, and we decided go inside to eat.

I had tried crepes before. But it was the first time I tasted salty ones. And what a first time! The cheese hugged the jam that easily covered every inch of your tongue with a salty-cheesy sweetness.

The food became more and more delicious with every bite I made, and the city became increasingly embellished with every breath.

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