Thursday, January 18, 2007

Laying Down in the Valley of those who have Fallen

During Holy Week, we left Madrid searching for a place where we could find peace and tranquility. Searching the web, we found a place that seemed to meet our needs, took a bus and traveled to Guadarrama and the Valley of those who have Fallen. Once there, we hiked for a couple of hours, and then laid out our pic nic in front of the Jarrosa Reservoir.

Its incredible how the landscape transforms itself after a short bus ride: the tall buildings become extense prairies and green mountains, and the noise from the cars becomes inaudible.

Apart from the trails that we hicked through, you can go to Guadarrama’s website, to take a look at the various trails and choose the ones you want to use so you can rest and realx as you walk through them.

I hope I can soon return to lay down and rest on the grass of some other corner of this peaceful valley.

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