Sunday, December 10, 2006

How to Become Famous: Travel to China

If you have ever dreamt of being famous, and you don’t believe in “reality shows where people have become famous in a matter of days, I have an alternative for you: go to China.

This idea might sound a little bizarre, but China is a country where everything is possible; a country where you will be eternally surprised.

When I was in Beijing, people would chase me with camera phones as I walked down the street. In the parks, people would approach me saying: “Picture, picture!” Cordially, I would nod my head agreeing to take a picture of them. However, instead of posing so I could take a picture of the group, they would hug me so they could take a picture with me…

I was unable to find out why Chinese people were so eager to take pictures of me. I am not sure if they mistook me for a celebrity, or they were simply curious by the fact I was different. I simply limited myself to smile for their flashes as I enjoyed the spontaneous minutes of glory.

After all, I don’t have the opportunity to be “famous” very often.

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