Thursday, November 16, 2006

Beijing: Paradise of Culinary Adventure

“Men are conquered through the stomach,” so the saying goes. Men… and me as well.

Well, the truth is that I am not that easy, although I cannot deny I love to try new flavors and I always enjoy a good dish.

For all those who like to savor exotic dishes as much as I do, let me inform you that Beijing is the paradise for culinary adventure.

Whenever you get hungry, you can choose where to go from an unmatchable list of varied restaurants that offer anything from the traditional Chinese cuisine, to French, Italian, Austrian, Vietnamese, Thai, Tibetan, etc. etc. The list just goes one and on.

Surprisingly, quality of food is not sacrificed at the expense of variety. Each one of these restaurants serves delicious options that resemble the original recipes.

The majority of these restaurants are located in “western islands”, which offer menus designed for westerners, and priced accordingly.

However, prices are still affordable, which gives you room to venture in a flavorful food feast, even if you are traveling on a limited budget. On top of that, in China, every dish comes with an interesting story as a side dish. Regardless of whether you like the food or not, the adventure is guaranteed.

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